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Data Management Solution Organizes and Stores Data for easy Access Leica LAS Archive

The Leica Application Suite (LAS) Archive integrates Leica automated microscopes and digital cameras with an automated database. LAS Archive manages images in a controlled manner for use in environments where disciplined storage is essential.

The database design tool allows the user to easily create and customize the database based on their needs.

The level hierarchy design conveniently organizes and stores data in related categories such as specimen or customer for quick, accurate recall. Basic and Standard Editions allow you to choose the capabilites to suit your needs.

Design tool easily creates customized databases for specific application needs.

Your Advantages

Database fields created automatically

All microscope parameters are recorded when an image is acquired - database fields are created automatically for use without any fuss.

Data generated by projects

Manages data generated by your microscopy projects that are customised to your data organistaton - So the data is in the terminology of your industry.

Easily create reports

Easily create reports that match your own needs using familiar software - just select the images you wish to print and get immediate output without any additional software.

No complex database tools

All archived data can be additionally accessed in the familiar Windows folders - so there are no complex database tools to learn.