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Embellish Images with text, Graphics and Measurements to Clearly Communicate your Ideas Using Leica LAS Extended Annotation

The LAS Extended Annotation, an optional module integrated with Leica Microsystems’ automated microscopes, digital cameras and software, allows graphic elements and text to be added to images.

Important features of the image can be highlighted using various fonts, colors and shapes.

Annotations may be added as a separate layer to the original file so the original remains intact or copied as a group and used as a template. The annotations increase and decrease proportionally with the selected image.   

Reusable template – copy group or individual annotations to various images.

Your Advantages

Reusable template

Reusable template – copy annotations as a group from one image to another.

Draw on live image

Fully integrated with live and static images  - Draw on live image and immediately burn into the image on capture.

Annotation tools

Annotation tools are drawn as separate layer so original image remains intact.

Provides wide variety

Provides a wide variety of annotation facilities - Including lines, shapes, distances and even other images.

No need for clumsy file saving

Annotation is saved automatically and is recalled when the image is selected again - No need for clumsy file saving by the user.

Distance Line is available

Distance Line is available - Simple manual measurement toolfor direct live image measurement.