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Creates Overlay Image from Multiple-wavelengths for Sublime Visualisation Leica LAS Image Overlay

Leica Application Suite Image Overlay module aquires, enhances and documents multiple wavelength, fluorescence microscopy images.

Constructed for the visualization, enhancement and digital documentation of fluorescence microscope images, it is versatile, making it suitable for users in bioscience, medical and pharmacological laboratories.

Designed for multi-channel imaging, the system performs tasks in a simple, automatic manner.

Easy-to-use sequence control guides you through the process.

Your Advantages

Quickly and comfortably

Interactive means of defining exposure conditions for each channel - ensure this critical task is achived quickly and comfortably.

A fully integrated manner

Total microscope and digital camera control in a fully integrated manner - Performs automatic acquisition of channel images by computer selection of contrast method,  filter and exposure.

A exact preview

Channel images are combined into a colour Overlay image - a preview shows you exactly what the result will look like.

Additional verstility

Equally profficient with compound and macro fluorecence microscopes - additional verstility by combining brightfield images with fluorecence.