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Extensive Range of Measurement Types with Uncompromised Convenience Leica LAS Interactive Measurement

The Leica LAS Interactive Measurement module, fully integrated with Leica microscopes and digital cameras, allows the user to trace around objects with adjustable tracing lines, identify areas of significance and derive measurement parameters such as length, area, angle or perimeter.

Measurements can be applied to one image or multiple images to determine statistical trends. Each measurement can be labeled with a parameter name, sequence number, value and comment for quick, easy analysis.

Object tracing lines contrast with underlying image.

Your Advantages

Wide range of applications

Many measurement types are available - Suitable for wide range of applications.

Clearly see measurements

Measurements are drawn as overlay on image - Clearly see what has been measured .

Statistics may be shown

Statistics may be shown – immediate summary data of each parameter without using external program.

Easily repeated conditions

Configuration can be saved - Easily repeated conditions for systematic use.

Easily create custom reports

Export results and images to Microsoft Excel – easily create custom reports.