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Measurements by Drawing Directly on the Live Image for Instant Results Leica LAS Live Measurement

The Leica LAS Live Measurement module, fully integrated with Leica microscopes and digital cameras, displays measurement data such as length, diameter, and angle on top of live images for the user to easily see and compare image data.

Measurement templates allow you to conveniently and accurately compare measurement data.

Measurement data overlay for easy image comparison.

Your Advantages

No capturing images

Interactive measurement on live image - No need to waste time capturing images.

Many measurements parameters

Many measurements parameters - Can be used for wide range of tasks.

Drawing immediately

Live measurements are simple to use - Just start drawing immediately.

Results are shown instantly

Results are shown instantly on the live image – Direct comparison while focusing the specimen.

Create customised reports

Results can be exported to Microsoft Excel - Easy to create customised reports to your specific needs.