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Customised and Automated Image Processing for Quantitative Microscopy Leica LAS Macro Editor

LAS Macro Editor is the macro-programming module for the Leica Application Suite and is used together with LAS Image Analysis or LAS Macro Runner to solve demanding and atypical applications.

It provides for customization and automation to specific application needs by interactive programming.

With a descriptive language so that you can easily understand the imaging tasks in the macro, a multitude of image, binary and measurement processing functions are available.

Leica LAS Macro Editor

Your Advantages


Macro-programming optimizes routine tasks and develops more complex research solutions - easily adapting to diverse range of life science and industrial applications


With its unique method of interactively creating and editing macros – LAS Macro is as easy as macro programming can get

Comprehensive Image Analysis

The vast range of colour, grey, binary and measurement processing methods gives you the best chance of solving novel problems.


LAS Macro works with individual images or sequences from all microscope techniques -  you are prepared for the next demanding image analysis task that arrives

Economic to use

LAS Macros can be run on any other computer with the low-cost LAS Runner installed, making it economical to extend applications to multiple users.