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Extended Focus Imaging That Adapts to the Most Demanding Imaging Conditions Leica LAS Montage

The intuitive Leica LAS Montage increases the throughput up to 2 times that of manual acquisition for faster, high quality extended focus images

Multiple methods are provided to meet the most demanding needs with user editing for more demanding specimens.

The Leica LAS 3D Viewer module (optional) increases the detail of the image.  Also, the image can be placed over the depth map and regions of similar height can be easily identified by color.

Increased throughput up to 2 times faster than manual acquisition.

Your Advantages

Controls motorized components

Acquires images with the automatic or manual operation - controls motorized components for most efficient operation.

'Montage' image produced

'Montage' image produced from extensive range of methods - Can adapt to widest range of incident and transmitted specimens.

'Depthmap' image produced

'Depthmap' image produced - allows specimen height to be read from image.

Aids manual editing

'Confidence' image shows accuracy of focus calculation - aids manual editing of complicated subjects.

Produce 3D visualisation

Produce 3D visualisation of the results (option) - see more detail in the images by viewing with pseudo-height display.