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Easily Captures Images Larger than the field of view Leica LAS MultiStep

The Leica LAS Multistep module (optional) integrated with Leica microscopes and digital cameras automatically captures and easily stores 2 dimensional images created from multiple tiled images.

Users may easily retrieve a single image for individual detailed evaluation or mosaic of multiple images for use with LAS Image Analysis module.

Automated Leica LAS Multistep allows faster, easier Mosaic image capture and retrieval.

Your Advantages

Automated, intuitive tool

Automated, intuitive tool– allows fast, easy, creation of high quality image covering an entire specimen extending outside the field of single images.

Exceptionally more efficeint

Motorised specimen scanning stage acquires images at precise positions - exceptionally more efficeint than the manual equivalent.

Used with wide range

Used with wide range of 2D specimens with focus compensation for non-flat specimens - gives in-focus results over entire specimen area.

Allows repeted analysis

Individual image tiles saved with guard frame compensation for later use by LAS Image Analysis - allows repeted analysis with adjusted measurement conditions.

Create Mosaic overview

Create Mosaic overview as a single image  - Resolution may be adjusted to allow image of large regions at low resolution to be created.

Tiles calculated automatically

Define specimen scan by Origin and XY region size - number of tiles calculated automatically for exact alignment in Mosaic.