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Captures Time-Lapse and Movie Images Leica LAS MultiTime

The Leica LAS MultiTime module (optional) intuitive tool integrated with Leica microscopes and digital cameras automatically captures images at set time intervals such as seconds, minutes, hours or days.

And, for a specific time period, select the number of images may be acquired. Images are stored on the hard drive at the specified times and may be easily and quickly retrieved as an individual image or as an AVI movie file.

Alternatively capture the live image and stream directly to the hard dirve for later replay as a Movie.

Automated Leica LAS Multitime allows timelapse image capture.

Your Advantages

Timelapse and Movie modes

Timelapse and Movie modes are both included - Allows use with both slowly and quickly moving specimens.

Movies stored directly

Simple to use with the standard Leica user interface - Movies stored directly to Windows folders for convenient recall.

Live image during acquisition

Live image shown during acquisition - Makes it easy to Pause to adjust camera settings.

Save and Restore configuration

Save and Restore configuration settings - Repeat operations are conveniently made.

Creates AVI files

Creates AVI files – Compatibility with in Windows media applications means its easy to share your results with colleagues.