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Creates Massive Mosaic Images Leica LAS Power Mosaic

Combined with Leica Microsystems motorized microscopes, stepping stage and focus and Leica digital cameras, the versatile Leica LAS Power Mosaic scans the entire specimen or specific region of interest to form high quality, seamless mosaic images for routine or research applications.

Intuitive tools allow to accurately select a specific area of interest and view the real-time image that corresponds. Zoom in and out or pan around the entire image.

In addition to the standard scanning and review capabilities, the Power Mosaic Plus module further extends the capability using "Z-Stack" acquisition to provide 3-D mosaic imaging and visualisation, ideally suited to specimens with a wide focal range.

High speed scanning for high resolution mosaic imaging.

Your Advantages

High speed scanning

High speed scanning and image capture – provides high resolution, seamless mosaic images.

Fast Mosaic Image Acquisition

Fast Mosaic Image Acquisition With auto-calibration, rotation correction and edge merging - Creates massive mosaic images with ideal stiching.

Virtually unlimited image size

Virtually unlimited image size - Instantly zoom in to detailed view.

More versatile

Microscope accessory for use with motorised microscopes - more versatile than dedicated systems.

Create extended focus images

Z-stack of mosaic images for thick specimens (with Power Mosaic Plus) - electronically browse through focus or create extended focus images to recreate the microscope experience in a digital manner.

Multi-site definitions and scanning

Multi-site definitions and scanning - allows for hands-off acquisition of maultiple mosaic images.