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Your own reticules shown on the live image for easy comparison Leica LAS Reticule

The Leica LAS Reticule provides electronic overlay of digital reticules displayed on real-time microscope images for routine Inspection, Measurement, Point Counting and Comparison. In contrast to the fixed eyepiece equivalent, the digital reticules adjust to the magnification or zoom of the microscope.

A wide range of reticule styles, such as grain size, lines, circles, cross hairs and counting grids, can be easily displayed, adjusted, stored and recalled.   

Customized reticules for any application.

Your Advantages

Electronic overlay

Electronic overlay with the many examples included – for easy comparison with a sample.

Automatically scaled

Reticules automatically adjust to the zoom and magnification - giving immediate measurement feedback.

Unlimited number of reticule

Digital reticules are versatile - more so than the fixed eyepiece equivalent.

User generated reticules

Users can generate reticules using readily available graphics editing programs – meeting exactly the needs of the application.

Reticules can be merged

Reticules can be merged into the image on acquisition – a permanent record for future validation of results.

Reticules for Standards

Inclusion rating by reticule comparison for ISO4967, EN10247, and ASTM E45 standards - providing a time-saving and convenient solution.