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Leica Microscope Assistant Leica LAS Store and Recall Module

The Leica Microscope Assistant (Leica Application Suite (LAS) Store and Recall Module) allows you to benefit from the full digital integration of microscope, illumination and microscope camera.

Results are completely reproducible: light settings, contrasting method, magnification, and exposure time. Also, details such as bias of DIC, exact position of the Excitation Manager in fluorescence, and binning mode of the camera are able to be exactly recalled.

Increase your productivity, gain valuable time and ensure a consistent high quality of pictures for your reports and analysis.

Leica LAS Store and Recall Module

Your Advantages

Save Time

At any time, the specific settings of every acquired image can be recalled and displayed with just one click. The stored status is automatically presented, even after years. 


Provides the possibility to compare different samples under the exact conditions. For example, re-examine the same sample with settings used a month before.