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Software for advanced automatic steel inclusion rating of stainless steel alloys Leica Steel Expert

Leica Steel Expert is a highly specialised software program for automatic steel inclusion rating running in the Leica Application Suite (LAS) environment.

Leica Steel Expert can be used with an automated materials microscope and high resolution digital camera to create an integrated systems solution. It allows the verification of up to six different types of non-metallic inclusions in steel alloys.

Sulfides, globular oxides, silicates, aluminium oxide and heterogeneous inclusions can be detected along with the ability to recognise coloured TIN inclusions.

The Leica Steel Expert Software.

Your Advantages

Complete compatibility

Complete compatibility with most established industrial standards including ASTM E45, DIN 50 602 with K and M methods, JIS G0555 and the new EN10247.

Easy comparison

Measurement results can be viewed independently from magnification and all standard results can be displayed simultaneously for easy comparison.

Fully automated

Full integration of fully automated Leica DM series compound microscopes and Leica DFC digital cameras.