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Leica EM ACE200 Coating-Etching-Fracturing

Low Vacuum Coater Leica EM ACE200

Producing homogenous and conductive metal or carbon coatings for SEM and TEM analysis was never before more convenient than with the Leica EM ACE200 coating system.

Configured as a sputter coater or carbon thread evaporation coater, perfectly reproducible results can be achieved  in the fully automated system. If both methods are required for your analysis Leica Microsystems offers a combined instrument with interchangeable heads in one instrument.

Various options as Quartz Crystal Measurement, Planetary Rotation, Glow Discharge and Exchangeable Shielding complete this Low Vacuum Coater.

For research use only

For research use only
Low Vacuum Coater Leica EM ACE200

Your Advantages

Perfectly reproducible results Small and Compact

Perfectly reproducible results

Automated process run and assisted parameter setting

Small and Compact

Compact design and small footprint saves lab space

Easy Cleaning Easy Operation

Easy Cleaning

with removable door, shutter, internal shielding, source, stage

Easy Operation

Intuitive touch screen and one button operation