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Leica EM ACE900 Coating-Etching-Fracturing

Electrical Data

Supply voltage 100/115/230 V, 50/60 Hz
Maximum current 10 A
Power consumption at idle (while pumping and cooling) 600 W
Power consumption during coating 1 KW


LN2 consumption (when cold) at -150 °C ~ 2.5 l/h
LN2 to cool down - 2 l
Dewar capacity 25 l, 35l
Dewar pump, two lines separately controllable
LN2 hose insulated, length: 90 cm

Dimensions and Weight

  Width Depth Height Net weight
Basic Instrument 705 mm 710 mm 640 mm approx. 135 kg
…with microscope 705 mm 900 mm 640 mm  
…with VCT500 dock 705 mm 710 mm 640 mm  
…with VCT500 shuttle 1450 mm 710 mm 640 mm  
Instrument table 820 mm 780 mm 750 mm  
LN2 Dewar Ø400 mm   800 mm 12 kg
LN2 Pump Ø180 mm   720 mm  
Nitrogen gas tube dimensions: outer dia. 6 mm, inner dia. 4 mm