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Leica EM SCD500 Coating-Etching-Fracturing

High vacuum sputter coater for highest resolution FE-SEM analysis Leica EM SCD500

Archived Product
Replaced by Leica EM ACE600

The Leica EM SCD500 is a versatile high vacuum film deposition system designed to produce very thin, fine-grained metal films and conductive carbon coatings for highest resolution FE-SEM analysis.

The Leica EM SCD500 offers many conversion options in a single unit; high vacuum sputtering, carbon thread, thermal resistance and carbon rod evaporation, cryo preparation for freeze drying, freeze fracturing/etching, double replica, cryo coating and vacuum cryo transfer with the Leica EM VCT100.

For research use only
The Leica SCD500 high vacuum sputter coater

New Model

Leica EM ACE600
Leica EM ACE600 High vacuum sputter coater