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Leica EM ICE Cryo Preparation

Leica EM ICE High Pressure Freezer

High Pressure Freezing with optional Light Stimulation and/or Electrical Stimulation

  • Only 1 second from loading the sample in the carrier to frozen
  • Only 1 minute recovery time between freezing cycles
  • Only 20 minutes to cool down and ready to use
  • Only 30 liters LN2 daily consumption, including cooling down
  • No alcohol or additional synchronization fluids used
  • Upgradable to light stimulation mode at any time at your work place

Overview of hippocampal neuron

Mouse hippocampal neurons were stimulated by electrical impulse in the high pressure chamber by applying a single, continuous light pulse of 7 ms. This light pulse discharges the electricity stored in the middle plate/PCB triggering an action potential throughout the sample. The sample was frozen at the end of the light pulse. This experiment successfully captured fusing vesicles in mouse hippocampal neurons.

Micrographs showing the unstimulated control (top left) and the stimulated mouse hippocampal neurons (top right). A single pulse of 7 ms is applied and specimen frozen at the end of the pulse.

Courtesy: Dr. Shigeki Watanabe, Johns Hopkins University

C. elegans

C. elegans, courtesy of Elly van Donselaar, Martin Harterink and Karin Vocking, Utrecht University, Netherlands

Sunscreen lotion frozen after millisecond UV light stimulation

Prof. D. Pum, University of Natural Resources and Life Sciences, Vienna, Austria and C. Tomova, S. Mimietz-Oeckler, Leica Microsystems, Vienna, Austria

Symmetric Synapse

Symmetric Synapse, Dr. Shuwen Chang, Charité Universitätsmedizin Berlin, Germany