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Leica EM CPC Industrial Materials

Universal cryofixation system for immersion and metal mirror cryofixation Leica EM CPC

Archived Product
Replaced by Leica EM GP

The Leica EM CPC cryopreparation chamber is a modular, versatile system to prepare biological and material specimens for plunge freezing with propane and ethane, and for metal mirror freezing using the Leica MM80 injector head. The EM CPC can also be used as a variable temperature cryoworkstation.

The modular design facilitates quick, easy module change for cryofixation, cryopreparation, and observation.

For research use only
The Leica EM CPC Cryofixation Chamber for Immersion and Metal Mirror Applications

New Model

Leica EM GP
Leica EM GP Automatic Plunge Freezing with Bare Grid Technique