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Automatic Microwave Tissue Processor for Electron Microscopy Leica EM AMW

With minimal user interface, rapidly process, embed, and polymerize specimens into resin with the Leica EM AMW’s unique, highly automated system. The patented combination of microwave chamber and automatic reagent changer minimizes user effort and significantly reduces processing time.

The EM AMW’s mono-mode microwave chamber focuses energy on a specific area, which results in a uniform field pattern without hot and cold spots and surrounds the sample, which eliminates water loads. Accurate reagent temperature measurement by software-controlled, non-contact infrared sensors supports accurate and reproducible results.

For research use only
Leica EM AMW Automatic Microwave Tissue Processor

Your Advantages

More efficient workflow Reliable results

More efficient workflow

High level of automation with minimal user interface provides a more streamlined, efficient laboratory workflow and cost savings.

Reliable results

Accurate reagent temperature measurement and control means that the set temperature is the true temperature of the sample, which promotes reliable results.

20 samples per run

20 samples per run

Easy, fast loading and controlled position of up to 20 samples per run results in high sample throughput.