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Leica Motorfocus Accessories

Motorfocus system for stereomicroscopes Leica Motorfocus

The purpose of the Leica motorfocus system is to provide motordriven coarse and fine focusing by means of a manual control, a footswitch, or through a computer. Five exact focus settings can be stored.

Because of its modular design, the motorfocus system easily integrates with the incident-and transmitted-light stands of the Leica M125, M165 C, M205 A, M205 C, M165 FC and M205 FA stereomicroscopes.

The Leica Motorfocus.

Your Advantages

Uniform easy movement

Uniform easy movement both upward and downward, even with heavy outfits.

Individual convenient positioning

Individual convenient positioning of the control unit.

Free to manipulate

Footswitch leaves the hands free to manipulate the object.