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Leica Water Immersion Micro Dispenser Accessories

Automatic supply of water immersion during experiments Leica Water Immersion Micro Dispenser

Water objectives allow for aberration free focusing into samples. Moving into the sample will cause no loss of contrast. During screening or mark and find experiments the immersion film can be disrupted. The Water Immersion Micro Dispenser overcomes these problems by adding immersion automatically during a running experiment.

This allows for applications with high resolution water objectives, for example:

- Live-cell experiments at 37°C
- Long-term live-cell experiments
- Screening
- Well plate acquisition

Leica Water Immersion Micro Dispenser

Your Advantages

Software controlled water immersion Safe

Software controlled water immersion

No interaction required during the experiment – Software controlled water immersion supply.


No water damage to the instrument – Water protection collar provided.

Intelligent design Best image quality

Intelligent design

Prevents disruption of water film duringstage movement – Intelligent design of water cap.

Best image quality

Ensures best image quality – Accessibility of correction ring.

No separate heating

No separate heating required – Waterreservoir and micro pump fit into climate chamber.