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DMi8 S Platform DM3 XL Infinity Scanner Infinity TIRF
DMi8 S Platform For routine to live cell research

DM3 XL The Inspection System for Microelectronics and Semiconductor

Infinity Scanner Multispectral Photomanipulation Module

Infinity TIRF Multicolor advanced TIRF module

Leica DMD108 Leica DM IL LED Leica DMshare Leica DM1000 LED
Leica DMD108 Digital Microimaging Device: On Screen Imaging with Conventional Slide Handling

Leica DM IL LED Inverted Laboratory Microscope with LED Illumination

Leica DMshare Sharing Microscope Images on an iPad

Leica DM1000 LED Uniquely ergonomic system microscope with LED illumination

Leica DM1000 Leica DM2500 & DM2500 LED Leica DM2000 & DM2000 LED Leica DCM8
Leica DM1000 Uniquely Ergonomic System Microscope

Leica DM2500 & DM2500 LED Ergonomic optical microscope systems for documentation

Leica DM2000 & DM2000 LED Ergonomic System Microscopes for Complex Clinical Applications

Leica DCM8 Digital microscope for 3D surface measurement in production and research

Leica SFL4000 Leica SFL100 Leica EL6000 Leica DM4 B & DM6 B
Leica SFL4000 Fluorescence LED Illumination Source

Leica SFL100 Fluorescence Illumination LED Light Source

Leica EL6000 External light source for fluorescence excitation

Leica DM4 B & DM6 B Increase work efficiency with Leica DM4 B & DM6 B upright digital research microscopes.

Leica DM4 M & DM6 M Leica DM4 P, DM2700 P & DM750 P Leica LMD6 & LMD7 Leica DM6 FS
Leica DM4 M & DM6 M Upright Materials Microscopes

Leica DM4 P, DM2700 P & DM750 P Upright Polarization Microscopes

Leica LMD6 & LMD7 Laser Microdissection enables users to isolate specific single cells or entire areas of tissue.

Leica DM6 FS Fixed Stage Microscope for Electrophysiology and in vivo Imaging

Leica DMi1 Leica WF FRAP Leica DMi8 Leica SR GSD 3D
Leica DMi1 Entry level inverted microscope

Leica WF FRAP Photobleaching module

Leica DMi8 Inverted Microscope for Industry

Leica SR GSD 3D Super-Resolution System for 3D Localization Microscopy

Leica DM2700 M Leica DM1750 M Leica DM8000 M Leica DM12000 M
Leica DM2700 M Upright Materials Microscope with Universal LED Illumination

Leica DM1750 M Materials Analysis Microscope

Leica DM8000 M High Throughput 8" Inspection & Review System

Leica DM12000 M Precision 12" Inspection & Review System

Leica LMD Software Leica Water Immersion Micro Dispenser Leica Micromanipulator Leica Multiviews
Leica LMD Software Laser Microdissection

Leica Water Immersion Micro Dispenser Automatic supply of water immersion during experiments

Leica Micromanipulator For Life Science

Leica Multiviews Multiple viewing systems allow multiple users to simultaneously view the same specimen

Leica SFL7000 Leica DM750 M Leica DM ILM LAS X Widefield Systems
Leica SFL7000 LED Fluorescence Lightsource with Software Control

Leica DM750 M Binocular materials microscope for education, basic metallography, and forensics education

Leica DM ILM Inverted Microscope for Metallography and Industrial Materials Inspection

LAS X Widefield Systems Fluorescence Microscope System for Advanced Imaging and Analysis

Leica DM3000 & DM3000 LED
Leica DM3000 & DM3000 LED Uniquely Ergonomic System Microscopes With Intelligent Automation