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Stereo Microscopes for Education

Educational stereo microscopes from Leica Microsystems provide powerful and ergonomic three dimensional viewing for exploring large specimens in your classroom.

Please see our stereo microscope product range for education listed below.

Learn more about our complete product range for education.

Leica EZ4 Leica EZ4 HD
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Leica S4 E Leica S6 E
Leica EZ4 Educational Stereo Microscope with Integrated LED Illumination for high Quality Imaging

The Leica EZ4 educational stereomicroscope with 4.4:1 zoom for entry level university and college courses such as...

Leica EZ4 HD Stereo Microscope with LED and HD Camera

Leica EZ4 HD stereo microscope offers high quality 4.4:1 zoom for university and college courses such as biology, anatomy and...

Leica S4 E Entry Level Greenough Stereo Microscope for Three-Dimensional Visualization

The Leica S4 E with Greenough optical system and 4.8:1 zoom provides large field of view up to 36.5mm, which is ideal for inspection,...

Leica S6 E Comfortable, Greenough Stereo Microscope Increases Productivity

The Leica S6 E Greenough stereomicroscope with 6.3:1 zoom allows easy, fast inspection for assembly, quality control, OEM and...

Leica ES2
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Leica ES2 Educational Stereomicroscope, 2-step, 10x/30x

Leica ES2 with integrated LED Illumination is the perfect solution for the high-school market.