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Stereo Microscopes Ergonomics

Ergonomics at the Workplace: Improve Efficiency by Enhancing User Comfort

Use the potential of ergonomics to your competitive advantage. Leica Microsystems offers microscopes, components and modules for configuring the ideal ergonomic workplace, whether in a laboratory, manufacturing or quality control environment.

  • Employees feel better while focusing on their job
  • Fewer work absences and health problems related to work environment
  • Higher work quality, increase in productivity
  • Better business results

Intelligent Interface to Success

  • Flexible modular system: Prevents an unnatural, rigid body posture, fatigue, impaired performance and physical discomfort.
  • Ergonomic design: Enables the user to work accurately and efficiently and improves concentration. Enhances well-being, motivation and performance.
  • Individual adjustment of viewing point: Creates better and healthier viewing conditions, the user can change body posture to maintain a comfortable body posture.
  • Arm- and handrest: Reduces muscle strain during delicate work.
  • High-quality optic system: Improves visual performance and reduces eyestrain as no accommodation effort is required.

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Free Ergonomic Handbook and Poster

Identify possible health hazards and learn how they can be minimized. Register now.

Increase Productivity

Ergonomic design of the workplace will help people work with microscopes in a correct posture. They will be better able to concentrate and execute their work more relaxedly. Check how much you will profit from making the instrument fit the worker!

Ergonomic Workplace

Every person is different – that's why microscope workstations need to be adapted to their users. An optimal sitting position is the basis for a comfortable posture. An adaptable viewing height ensures the shoulder and neck muscles are not strained. Leica Microsystems' various eyepieces and ErgoModules help with these adjustments.

Optimal Working Position

How do I reach the optimal working position? This video will guide you through the process and alert you to crucial points.

Ergonomic Accessories for Stereo Microscopes

Leica ErgoTube 10 - 50 Leica Inclined binocular tube 45 Leica ErgoTube 45 Leica Trinocular ErgoTube 5 - 45
Leica ErgoTube® 10° - 50° Perfect tool for multi-user workstations

Leica’s most popular ergonomic accessory, the Leica ErgoTube® 10° - 50° is the best way to accessorize any Leica M-series stereomicroscope and...

Leica Inclined binocular tube 45 Increases productivity and improve profitability

A well designed work environment can improve the motivation and performance. When correctly applied, ergonomically designed...

Leica ErgoTube® 45° Brings the microscope closer to you

When you cannot get closer to the stereomicroscope, let the ErgoTube® 45° bring the microscope closer to you! The long eyepiece tubes...

Leica Trinocular ErgoTube® 5° - 45° Provides a wide range of adjustment options

The Leica Trinocular ErgoTube® (5° - 45° observation angle) provides a wide range of adjustment options to provide a comfortable, relaxed...

Leica Straight binocular tube Leica ErgoModule 50 mm Leica ErgoModule 30 - 120 mm Leica ErgoWedge 5 - 25
Leica Straight binocular tube Provides ergonomical horizontal viewing

Ideal solution - best possible adaptation of the instrument to the user with the greatest possible comfort of use. Provides...

Leica ErgoModule 50 mm Increases the height of the M-series stereomicroscope

The ErgoModule 50 mm enables tall observers to sit at low stereomicroscopes without adopting a hunched...

Leica ErgoModule 30 - 120 mm Comfortable observation even for tall users

The Leica ErgoModule® 30 mm - 120 mm "stretches" low-built stereomicroscopes (e.g. Leica M50 or

Leica ErgoWedge 5 - 25 Accommodates the Human Need to Change Position

The Leica ErgoWedge® allows users to custom-build an ergonomic stereomicroscope with the choice of 3 different binocular tube options....

Leica ErgoWedge 15 Leica ErgoRest
Leica ErgoWedge 15 Improves viewing conditions

The Leica ErgoWedge™ 15° enables the tilt range of the various binocular tubes to be extended in accordance with the task, the outfit,...

Leica ErgoRest Enables precise, fatigue-free work at the stereo microscope

The Leica ErgoRest™ armrest enables precise, fatigue-free work at the stereo microscope. The armrest features two resting levels on the...