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Leica ErgoTube 10 - 50 Ergonomics

Perfect tool for multi-user workstations Leica ErgoTube 10 - 50

Leica’s most popular ergonomic accessory, the Leica ErgoTube® 10° - 50° is the best way to accessorize any Leica M-series stereomicroscope and is the perfect tool for multi-user workstations.

Article No: 10450158

Leica ErgoTube 10 - 50

Your Advantages

Variable viewing angle from 10° to 50°

The observer can match the viewing angle and the viewing height to his or her build and sitting position. The viewing angle is continuously variable within the range from 10° to 50°, while the extended eyepiece tubes allow the users to keep their head in an upright position, reducing neck strain.

Reduce electrostatic discharge

The ErgoTube® is apochromatically corrected and ESD safe.