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Leica ErgoWedge 5 - 25 Ergonomics

Accommodates the Human Need to Change Position Leica ErgoWedge 5 - 25

The Leica ErgoWedge® allows users to custom-build an ergonomic stereomicroscope with the choice of 3 different binocular tube options. Most commonly, this ergonomic accessory is coupled with the Leica Inclined Binocular Tube 45° allowing viewing angles of 20° to 40° or 50° to 70°.

Article No: 10446123



Leica ErgoWedge 5 - 25

Your Advantages

Change working positiion

The ErgoWedge® 5° - 25° accommodates the human need to change position and prevents the negative consequences of long periods of work in a single position.

Reduce electrostatic discharge

The ErgoWedge® is ESD safe and also acts as a great ‘add-on’ item for an existing stereo microscope.