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Stereo Microscopes - Fluorescence

Fluorescence Filter Sets

Leica stereo fluorescence filter sets fulfill the highest quality standards and guarantee excellent research results. For every imaginable application in the life science research field, we can offer the matching excitation and emission filter set. Have a look into the Leica fluorescence filter set database.

Need Assistance?

Contact a local imaging specialist for expert advice on the right fluorescence stereo microscope and accessories for your needs and budget.

Leica SFL100 Leica EL6000 Leica M205 FA Leica M165 FC
Leica SFL100 Fluorescence Illumination LED Light Source

The Leica SFL100 boosts the efficiency of fluorescence microscopy in pathology, cytology,...

Leica EL6000 External light source for fluorescence excitation

The Leica EL6000 external light source for enhanced fluorescence imaging connects via a liquid light guide to all Leica Microsystems’ upright,...

Leica M205 FA Fully Automated Fluorescence Stereo Microscope

Making the difference – FusionOptics and TripleBeam™ Stereo microscopy has its optical limitations. Leica Microsystems has managed...

Leica M165 FC Fluorescent Stereo Microscope

The Leica M165 FC fully apochromatic corrected stereo microscope with 16.5:1 zoom optics resolves structures down to 1.1 micron...

Leica LAS X Widefield Systems Leica MZ10 F Leica MacroFluo
LAS X Widefield Systems Fluorescence Microscope System for Advanced Imaging and Analysis

The LAS X Widefield Systems are ideal for applications in fluorescence microscopy and image analysis including live cell...

Leica MZ10 F Modular Stereo Microscope for Fluorescent Imaging

The Leica MZ10 F modular stereo microscope with 8x-80x magnification and 375 Lp/mm high resolution provides triple beam technology, which...

Leica MacroFluo Macro Documentation System for Fluorescence

The Leica MacroFluo, an on-axis macro documentation system with the