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Fully Automated Fluorescence Stereo Microscope Leica M205 FA

Making the difference – FusionOptics and TripleBeam

Stereo microscopy has its optical limitations. Leica Microsystems has managed to overcome them with a revolutionary optical concept. By incorporating the patented FusionOptics technology the Leica M205 FA is the world’s first fluorescence stereo microscope with a 20.5:1 zoom to achieve an optical resolution of 0.952 µm.

The patented TripleBeam technology ensures crisp images with strong fluorescence signals against a perfect black background, the full apochromatic correction prevents chromatic aberrations.

The Leica M205 FA is a coded and motorized microscope.

Fully Automated Fluorescence Stereo Microscope Leica M205 FA

Your Advantages

Optical opposites reconciled –  FusionOptics Crisp images: TripleBeam Illumination

Optical opposites reconciled – FusionOptics

With FusionOptics, the right channel delivers an image with the highest possible resolution, the left channel provides an image with maximum depth of field. The human brain does the rest: drawing the best information from both images, it creates a three-dimensional image, visualizing the finest details of your specimen. Further information is available in Science Lab.

Crisp images: TripleBeam Illumination

The patented TripleBeam technology in the Leica M205 FA uses different beam paths for observation and illumination, so the fluorescence excitation light does not come into contact with the two observation channels. The result: an extremely high signal-to-noise ratio, i.e. a particularly clear and strong fluorescence signal against a noise-free, black background. Read more on TripleBeam technology in Science Lab.

Apochromatic 20.5:1 zoom with standard magnification of 7.8x to 160x High-performance optics: numerical aperture of 0.35

Apochromatic 20.5:1 zoom with standard magnification of 7.8x to 160x

Thanks to the large zoom and magnification range of the Leica M205 FA you can perform a wide variety of tasks without changing the objective or even the microscope. Our most popular objective, the 1.0x PlanApo, for instance, images an object field of max. 29.5 mm diameter at 7.8x magnification. At 160x magnification, details as small as 1.9 µm can be visualized with a maximum NA of 0.175.

High-performance optics: numerical aperture of 0.35

The 2.0x PlanApo objective is an optical masterpiece. It has a maximum aperture of 0.35 – that’s the highest numerical aperture (NA) that has ever been achieved with a stereo microscope worldwide. Based on the optical laws of Ernst Abbe, the Leica M205 FA therefore attains an optical resolution of 1050 LP/mm (line pairs per millimeter) or 0.952 µm. This is smaller than a hundredth of the diameter of a human hair.

Four views in a single pass Motorized functions free both hands to work on the sample

Four views in a single pass

You work with several different fluorochromes to examine the different fluorescence signals in your specimens? The FluoIII filter changer is a real work saver, accommodating four fluorescence filters that can be exchanged in a matter of seconds.

When examining your specimens in the microscope you can change the fluorescence filters quickly by hand. The fluorescence shutter in the zoom body of the Leica M205 FA can be easily opened and closed – to keep your specimens safe from overexposure to fluorescent light.

Motorized functions free both hands to work on the sample

When you need one or both hands to work on the sample, a motorized microscope is a tremendous advantage: all the microscope functions can be simply operated with external units and controlled by Leica Application Suite (LAS) and Leica Application Suite Advanced Fluorescence software. The encoding of the microscope also enables the experiments configured in the software, including all the microscope settings, to be stored. Due to the motorization, all the required microscope parameters can be reset at a keystroke.

No chromatic aberrations Comprehensive range of illuminators

No chromatic aberrations

The Leica M205 FA has full apochromatic correction. This means that the lateral chromatic aberration of the three colors red, blue and green has been corrected so that they are reproduced faithfully and with rich contrast at the transitions between light and dark structures.

Comprehensive range of illuminators

From homogeneous illumination with a ring light to highly diffuse dome illumination for strongly reflecting samples – with the Leica M205 FA you always present your specimens in the best light. You can use all the incident light sources in the Leica LED5000 series and the transmitted light bases of the Leica TL3000-5000 series. More information on our unique range of illuminators.

Reproducibility from day one

All microscope parameters are transmitted to the software in real time. For instance, the scale in the software live image automatically adjusts to the magnification set on the microscope. The encoding and the motorization reduce the error rate as all the settings are transparent and are archived in the documented image – so you can reproduce any experiment whenever you want and even save time when you set up your experiments again.


You need investment security? And have to meet different requirements? No problem with the Leica M205 FA. Choose from a wide range of accessories to customize the system to your specific needs. The M series of Leica Microsystems is designed to cater for changing requirements, too.