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Leica LED2500 Illumination

Integrated LED Incident and Transmitted Illumination Stand Leica LED2500

The high-quality and compact Leica LED2500 illumination system was developed for the Leica microscopes of the S series, M series and DMS series.

It combines the stand with a bright incident light and transmitted light; the segments can be controlled jointly or individually. The stand is easy to transport and takes up only a small amount of space.

The 4 predefined incident light scenarios produce different contrasts and enable fast and convenient operation. With the transmitted light there is not only uniform transmitted illumination over a large area, but also a targeted transmitted light function. This makes it possible to view structures with low contrast.

The built-in LEDs of the latest-generation have a high service life of up to 25,000 hours, which reduces the ongoing costs.

Integrated design combines the stand, transmitted and incident illumination, which allows easy transport and more bench space.

Your Advantages

Integrated, compact design Bright incident contrast

Integrated, compact design

Integrated, compact design –stand and incident and transmitted illumination in one unit allows easy transportation and low space requirement.

Bright incident contrast

Integrated 4-point LED top light – ensures a homogeneous and bright incident contrast.

Intuitive light manager Integrated 5-Volt USB power supply

Intuitive light manager

Integrated intuitive light manager touch panel – allows easy adjustment to achieve the high quality brightness level.

Integrated 5-Volt USB power supply

The simple power supply for digital cameras from Leica Microsystems or for Leica microscopes of the DMS series.

Transmitted light function

Transmitted light function

Different transmitted light functions make it possible to achieve exactly the right contrast gain.

Fast setting changes

4 preset incident illumination sequences - provides a variety of contrast and illumination techniques for fast setting changes compared with a cold light solution.