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Leica LED3000 DI Illumination

Diffuse illumination with movable illumination shield Leica LED3000 DI

To document fissured samples with many corners, edges and recesses, you need a diffuse light source. Its light characteristic reduces shadows and does well at illuminating the digital images everywhere.

The diffuse illuminators of the LED illuminator series enable uniform illumination without bothersome shadow effects. They are particularly suited for documenting samples that are difficult to illuminate.

The illumination screen distributes light in all directions and produces a uniform light. Mounting it on a gooseneck gives you increased accessibility to the specimen. The flexible solution is ideally suited as a supplement for other illuminators and can simply be swung out of the way when not in use. The control element is mounted on a second gooseneck and can be easily positioned as the user desires.

Leica LED3000 DI

Your Advantages

Light characteristic Flexible control element

Light characteristic

36 high-output LEDs produce bright, uniform light.

Flexible control element

The control element on the gooseneck can be positioned wherever it is needed – always at the right spot.

Perfectly combinable Diffuse light

Perfectly combinable

The modularity of the LED3000 DI means it can be easily and flexibly combined with other illuminators.

Diffuse light

The bright, matte interior of the illumination screen ensures the greatest possible absence of shadows in the illumination – the best prerequisite for documenting quickly.