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Leica LED5000 NVI Illumination

Extremely high-performance LED vertical illuminator for recesses and holes Leica LED5000 NVI

The Leica LED5000 NVI is extremely high-performance thanks to its two integrated high-output LEDs. The light is generated nearly parallel to the microscope's beam path and is thereby optimally aligned with the focal plane. This makes it particularly good for checking deep holes and bores.

The optional polarization set enables effective verification of high-gloss samples. The integrated filter insert makes it possible to adjust the light color to the user's habits. This means the light characteristic of a halogen light source can be produced.

If you are working with a high-performance stereo microscope with high-magnification objectives (magnification of 1.6x or 2.0x), the illuminator provides excellent illumination at the smallest working distances.

Leica LED5000 NVI

Your Advantages

Extremely high-performance LEDs Compact, well-integrated design

Extremely high-performance LEDs

2 high-output LEDs are extremely high-performance and effectively illuminate deep holes and bores. Perfectly for objectives with long working distances.

Compact, well-integrated design

The integrated control element and compact design do not take up any more space on the work table.

For high-performance stereo microscopes Polarization set

For high-performance stereo microscopes

For high-performance stereo microscopes, the Leica LED5000 NVI enables illumination of the specimen at very low working distances.

Polarization set

With the optionally available polarization set, you can minimize reflections on metallic surfaces, which increases the efficiency during routine inspections.

Efficient quality control Highest modularity

Efficient quality control

Excellent, high-performance illumination for standardized quality control processes.

Highest modularity

The Leica LED5000 NVI can be combined with other illumination components and can be used flexibly.