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The Workhorse of Stereo Microscopes Leica M125

Do you need an overview of your samples, but also need to identify fine structures? With its 12.5:1 zoom and 8x to 100x magnification (with the 1.0x PlanApo objective), the Leica M125 has the flexibility to meet these needs, achieving a resolution of down to 1.15 µm.

Due to the full apochromatic correction of the optics, images are rich in contrast and natural colors, and free of chromatic aberrations.

This makes the Leica M125 an ideal tool for jobs in materials testing such as plastics analysis or circuit board inspection, as well as life science research applications, and can be customized with a comprehensive range of ergonomic accessories, various LED illuminators, and a wide selection of digital cameras.

12.5:1 zoom stereo microscope  - one instrument for a wide overview and detailed imaging.

Your Advantages

Apochromatic 12.5:1 zoom with standard magnification of 8x to 100x Optics with full apochromatic correction – high contrast and natural colors

Apochromatic 12.5:1 zoom with standard magnification of 8x to 100x

With the large zoom and magnification range of the Leica M125 you can perform a wide variety of tasks without changing the objective or even switching microscopes. Our most popular objective, the 1.0x PlanApo, for instance, images an object field of max. 28.8 mm diameter at 8x magnification. At 100x magnification, details as small as 2.3 µm can be visualized.

Optics with full apochromatic correction – high contrast and natural colors

Full apochromatic correction means that the lateral chromatic aberration of the three colors; red, blue and green; has been corrected. Colors are therefore reproduced faithfully and with rich contrast at the transitions between light and dark structures. As a result, you get natural colors without chromatic aberrations.

Powerful range of illuminators Modularity

Powerful range of illuminators

From homogeneous illumination with a ring light to highly diffused dome illumination for strongly reflective samples – with the Leica M125 you always present your samples in the best light. You can use all the incident light sources of the Leica LED5000 series and the transmitted light bases of the Leica TL3000-5000 series.

Information on our unique range of illuminators


You need investment security? And have to meet different requirements? You are making a wise investment with the Leica M125. Choose from a wide range of accessories to tailor the system to your specific needs. Leica Microsystems’ M series is designed to cater to changing requirements, too.

High-performance optics: numerical aperture of 0.288

High-performance optics: numerical aperture of 0.288

The 2.0x PlanApo objective is an optical masterpiece. In combination with the Leica M125 it attains a maximum aperture of 0.288. Based on the optical laws of Ernst Abbe, the Leica M125 attains an optical resolution of 864 LP/mm (line pairs per millimeter), or 1.15 µm.