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Manual Stereo Microscope Combines Detailed, High-Contrast Imaging and Wide Sample Overview Leica M165 C

The modular Leica M165 C fully apochromatic corrected stereo microscope with 16.5:1 zoom and maximum 906 lp/mm (planapochromatic 2x objective) allows the user to view the smallest detail of the sample and perform a 3-D analysis without changing instruments.

The stereo microscope with the comprehensive range of ergonomic accessories, LED based illuminations and application specific software combines flexibility, convenience, and outstanding imaging performance for material testing and life science applications.

Leica M165 C with Transmitted Light Base Leica TL5000 Ergo

Your Advantages

Resolution at 1.1µm

Resolution at 1.1µm with standard 1x Planapochromatic objective  - allows fine detail sample viewing and 3D analysis without changing instruments.

Flexible, comprehensive solution

Flexible, comprehensive solution – increases performance with large variety of possible configurations.

Electronic readout

Features an electronic readout of the magnification for reliable measurements and quick and easy documentation.

Leica Microscope Assistant

With the Leica Microscope Assistant (Leica LAS Store and Recall Module) users can recall all microscope settings, including illumination intensity and contrast methods, magnification and exposure time with one mouse-click on the image.