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Leica M320 F12 for ENT ENT

Efficient clinic and surgery microscope for ENT Leica M320 F12 for ENT

The Leica M320 F12 with LED - a highlight for ENT applications.

The Leica M320 F12 bundles apochromatic optical quality with cutting-edge LED illumination and high-definition imaging technology. Ease of use and flexible, smooth maneuverability are additional characteristics of this microscope.

With the Leica M320 F12, Leica Microsystems has created a new industry standard with a variety of unique benefits for ENT surgeons.

Leica M320 F12

Your Advantages

Cost-effective & sustainable Better efficiency

Cost-effective & sustainable

With a lifetime of about 60 000 hours, LED lighting reduces the cost of microscope ownership and eliminates retrofit expenses.

Better efficiency

Binocular tubes, objective lenses, handles, and the vibration-free microscope arm can be situatively customized to suit the surgeon’s working preferences and specializations.

Hygienically sound High-definition documentation

Hygienically sound

The Leica M320 is virtually jointless. All cables are routed internally. The handles can be washed and sterilized. The surface is protected with a permanent antimicrobial coating, AgProtectTM.

High-definition documentation

Patients and healthcare professionals are now optimally involved in the consultation and treatment. A further highlight, all data can be saved on a SD Memory Card.