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Gynaecology & Urology Surgical Microscopes

With premium optics and brilliant illumination, Leica microscopes for gynaecology and urology provide high-quality imaging needed for microsurgery applications. These modular surgical microscopes feature outstanding depth of field and flexible working distance required for routine to complex procedures.

Need Assistance?

Contact a local imaging specialist for expert advice on the right gynaecology and urology surgery microscope for your needs and budget.

Gynaecology and Urology Surgery Microscopes and Accessories

Leica M525 F40 Leica M651 MSD Leica M525 F20 Leica Rotatable Beamsplitter
Leica M525 F40 Surgical Microscope System for Multidisciplinary use

The Leica M525 F40 surgical microscope combines Leica Microsystems’ premium...

Leica M651 MSD Surgical microscope on tabletop stand for the practice of microsurgery

The tabletop model Leica M651 MSD offers beginners ideal conditions for practicing microsurgical techniques. The Leica M651 MSD, known for its peak...

Leica M525 F20 Surgical Microscope System for Otolaryngology, and Neuro, Spine and ENT Surgery

The Leica M525 F20 surgical microscope combines brilliant optical...

Leica Rotatable Beamsplitter Swing around whenever needed

For those surgical procedures where an assistant is needed or the microscope’s...

Leica M651 Leica M400 E
Leica M651 Manual surgical microscope for microsurgical procedures

The Leica M651 is known for its peak performance in image definition, depth of field range, stereopsis, light intensity and color rendering....

Leica M400 E Surgical microscope for ENT surgery

Compact and stable, the Leica M400 E surgical microscope series combines the convenience of a quick operating room set-up with a...