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Surgical Microscopes - Intraoperative Fluorescence

Leica Microsystems' intra-operative fluorescence supports the surgical workflow by allowing you to see more during operations. These fluorescence modules are available on popular surgical microscope configurations for quick and easy handling. Please check with your local Leica Microsystems representative for local availability/product registration status and regulatory approval.

Need Assistance?

Contact a local imaging specialist for expert advice on intra-operative fluorescence for surgical microscopes.

Intra-Operative Fluorescence for Surgical Microscopes

Leica FL560 Leica FL800 Leica FL400
Leica FL560 Intraoperative Fluorescence Filter

Leica FL560* is designed to enable fluorescence observation of fluorophores with an excitation peak between ~460 nm and ~500 nm (blue) and...

Leica FL800 Intra-Operative Fluorescence-Guided Blood Flow View 820 nm/NIR

A ruptured cerebral aneurysm is the third most common cause of death in industrial countries. With the Leica FL800, for intra-operative...

Leica FL400 Intra-operative fluorescence-guided tumor resection in oncology - 400 nm/blue

The Leica FL400* in combination with the active substance 5-ALA helps to see the tumor more clearly for a more complete resection of...