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Surgical Microscopes - Intraoperative Fluorescence

Beyond the visible

Leica Microsystems' intra-operative fluorescence supports the surgical workflow by allowing you to see more during surgery.

Three fluorescence modules are available: Leica FL400 oncological fluorescence, Leica FL800 vascular fluorescence, and Leica FL560 fluorescence*.

Need Assistance?

Contact a local imaging specialist for expert advice on intra-operative fluorescence for surgical microscopes.

Intraoperative Fluorescence for Surgical Microscopes

The Leica M530 OH6 is the only surgical microscope with TriFluoro*: it can be supplied with Leica FL560, Leica FL400 and Leica FL800 fluorescence modules fully integrated. Switch between modules with just a few button clicks for efficient comparison of fluorescence techniques.

The Leica M720 OH5 allows either the Leica FL560 and the Leica FL800 or the Leica FL400 and FL800 to be installed at the same time. The Leica FL560 and Leica FL400 modules can be easily exchanged to work with different contrast media.

The Leica M525 OH4 can be supplied with built-in Leica FL400 and Leica FL800 and the M525 F50 with FL800.

* Please check with your local Leica Microsystems representative for local availability/product registration status and regulatory approval.