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Leica FL400 Neurosurgery & Spine

Intra-operative fluorescence-guided tumor resection in oncology - 400 nm/blue Leica FL400

The Leica FL400* in combination with the active substance 5-ALA helps to see the tumor more clearly for a more complete resection of malignant glioma, while sparing healthy brain tissue.

Before surgery, the patient drinks the 5-ALA solution. The aminolevulinic acid is absorbed by the cells in the body, whereas the glioma cells take up more and convert 5-ALA into the fluorescent PPIX. When illuminated under blue light the PPIX in the tumor glows an intense red, while the normal tissue appears blue.

* Please check with your local Leica Microsystems representative for product registration status.
Leica M720 FL400 fluorescence module 400nm/blue

Your Advantages

Visible tumor margins Quick and easy handling

Visible tumor margins

Under Leica FL400 blue light mode the surgeon and the assistant can observe the vital tumor and the anatomy in high-contrast, bright, and in the full field of view. This means resection is easier to do as fewer changes to the white light mode are necessary.

Quick and easy handling

Changing observation modes is easy. To switch from white light view to blue light fluorescence mode and back requires only the click of a button on the hand or the foot switch. This ensures quick handling and supports the surgical workflow at all times.

Videos in high-definition

Leica Microsystems supports the surgeon with HD technology in all fluorescence configurations and modes - both in white and blue light mode of the Leica FL400. The result: high-quality images on the monitor display and in the records.

Modularity to meet your needs

The fluorescence modules Leica FL400 and Leica FL800 vascular fluorescence can be combined on the surgical microscope M525 OH4. The Leica M720 OH5 and Leica M530 OH6 both offer the additional option of Leica FL560* fluorescence. This gives you the choice of different fluorescence modes and features to meet your requirements.

IntenseBlue - Leica M720 FL400 DoubleBlue - Leica M525 FL400

IntenseBlue - Leica M720 FL400

The compact design of the Leica M720 microscope combined with the FL400 module enables the surgeon to work in comfort in 5-ALA - and all other applications. Additionally, the system now requires only the intense 400 Watt built-in xenon light source to deliver a bright and clear fluorescence view.

DoubleBlue - Leica M525 FL400

The Leica M525 microscope combined with the FL400 module uses two light sources to create the best excitation, resulting in a bright fluorescence view.

TriFluoro – Leica M530 with FL400

TriFluoro – Leica M530 with FL400

The intense 400 Watt xenon light source of the M530 OH6 provides optimal excitation to deliver a bright, high-contrast image. The M530 OH6 features TriFluoro* technology: it can be supplied with Leica FL400, Leica FL800, and Leica FL560 fluorescence modules fully integrated.