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Leica HD C100 Neurosurgery & Spine

HD Medical Camera Leica HD C100

What do you expect of a Leica HD medical grade camera?

  • Ease-of-use
  • Display of all resolutions and formats
  • Brilliant image quality at any time during surgery
  • Fast and easy recording
  • Data transfer to external storage devices.

The Leica HD C100 camera combines all these benefits in one camera solution achieving bright, sharp videos. With an intuitive user interface, image parameters can easily be adjusted.

Leica HD C100 medical camera in HD and SD resolution

Your Advantages

One Camera Fits All Automatic Brightness Adjustment

One Camera Fits All

HD, SD, 1080p, 720p, HDMI, HD-SDI (3G), video splitter; the Leica HDC100 offers imaging solution for your OR/clinic and accommodates a comprehensive set of formats and resolutions. It also offers parallel signal output to display HD and SD resolution on different monitors at the same time, allowing for a flexible system upgradability.

Automatic Brightness Adjustment

The Leica HD C100 advanced brightness control automatically adapts image quality when a surgical instrument enters the field of view, which results in less reflection surface. With this new auto-shutter technology, image brightness is adjusted softly without image overexposure.

Simpler Than Ever Before

Simpler Than Ever Before

The Leica HD C100 menu control features an innovative control button for easy intra-operative image optimization. With its intuitive menu interface, camera settings can be modified quickly and easily.