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The surgical microscope system for neurosurgery, spine surgery and ENT Leica M525 MS3

The Leica M525 MS3 is an innovative combination of a mid-range floor stand and Leica Microsystems’ premium-quality APO OptiChrome™ M525 optics.

Easy to move, the Leica MS3 stand has six electromagnetic brakes that ensure light, smooth movement in all axes.

With many of the same features found on high-end, premium microscopes, the Leica M525 MS3 offers the surgeon a compact, economical alternative in high-quality surgical microscopes.

The Leica M525 MS3 surgical microscope solution for neurosurgery, spine surgery and ENT.

Your Advantages

Provides better patient safety

High degree of light transmission with OptiChrome™ technology, provides better patient safety by allowing the surgeon to use lower degrees of illumination.

Illumination brightness control

AutoIris™ couples illumination brightness control to the working distance for even more reliable work at short distances.

Xenon arc-illumination system

300W Xenon arc-illumination system with halogen back-up ensures reliability and higher safety.