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Leica M530 OHX Neurosurgery & Spine

Visualization Redefined

Outstanding image quality without shadows even at the bottom of the deep cavities typical of spine surgery means you can maneuver your instruments with confidence for optimal surgical precision.

400-Watt xenon light and apochromatic optics

  • 400-Watt xenon light and apochromatic optics deliver a bright, sharply-focused, true-color image
  • Small Angle Illumination (SAI) distributes light more evenly and reduces shadows
  • Quick and easy focusing for the main surgeon, assistant and video camera with SpeedSpot laser focus
  • Leica Magnification Multiplier with 40% magnification boost (optional)

Workflow Efficiency Redefined

Simple set-up and verification of settings combined with market-leading working distance support your spine surgery workflow.

600 mm working distance

  • Market-leading 600 mm working distance allows use of long spine instruments through entire procedures where it may previously have been necessary to switch to loupes
  • Fast and simple set-up with an intuitive touch-screen graphical interface
  • Surgeon information panel above the optics carrier for at-a-glance verification of settings at any time

Positioning Ease for Your Spine OR

Benefit from working and positioning flexibility even in a crowded OR thanks to a compact footprint and superior overhead clearance and reach.

Electromagnetic brakes, internally routed cables, and an extensive range of movement in the optics carrier mean that the microscope can also be effortlessly maneuvered.

Operating Comfort Redefined

Operating in an ergonomic, upright position can help avoid neck and back strain.

With less physical distraction you and your assistant maintain concentration throughout every spine surgery.

  • Compact optics carrier means arms can remain in a natural position during surgery
  • Choice of different binoculars to fit your needs, all with 360°rotation
  • Working distance of up to 600 mm allows the microscope to be positioned closer or further from the operative site according to the procedure and body frame