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Leica M620 F20

All-round surgical microscope for ophthalmology Leica M620 F20

The Leica M620 F20 – an ophthalmic surgical microscope with its crisp, sharp OptiChrome™ optics gives the surgeon natural color, outstanding depth-of-focus and higher contrast for maximum detail recognition.

Leica’s direct halogen illumination system allows the surgeon homogeneous illumination to see crisp images even at low light levels, and provides a stable red reflex.

The jalousie, operated in sterile conditions, optimizes this reflex by generating the perfect illumination with optimum contrast and depth-of-field.

Leica M620 F20

Your Advantages

Direct halogen illumination Lower degrees of illumination

Direct halogen illumination

Direct halogen illumination ensures accurate color of anatomy illumination and longer bulb life since there is no loss of light on the fiber optic cable, resulting in cost savings.

Lower degrees of illumination

High degree of light transmission with OptiChrome™ technology, provides better patient safety by allowing the surgeon to use lower degrees of illumination.

Reducing the exposure

Reducing the exposure

Anti-microbial nano silver coating, AgProtect™, provides outstanding protection to microscope users by reducing their exposure to surface pathogens.