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Proveo 8 Ophthalmology

FusionOptics Technology

See Every Detail

As a posterior segment surgeon, you need to carry out extremely precise work from the edge of a detached membrane layer to the retina, often in low light. Until now, this meant time-consuming refocusing, and limitations in image clarity and detail.

Exclusive FusionOptics technology delivers crisp, texture-rich images from the periphery to the membrane layers, enhancing your efficiency and precision.

The Technology of FusionOptics

  1. Two separate beam paths
  2. One beam path provides 40% increased depth of field
  3. The other beam path provides high resolution
  4. The brain merges the two images to a single optimal spatial image 

Stable Red Reflex, Consistent Images

Focus on your cataract surgery and be confident that you’ll have an constant, uncompromised view.

You can rely on stable red reflex and optimal image contrast thanks to CoAx 4, coaxial LED illumination.

Plus, all observers – surgeon, assistant, and camera – work with the same enhanced view during the entire surgical procedure.

  • Four individual coaxial beam paths and linked zoom system, deliver straight red reflex for all observers.
  • Adjust the illumination diameter to each individual patient’s eye – so no light is lost. This means lower light can be used while still achieving maximum contrast.
Ophthalmic Microscope Proveo 8

Beyond Tomorrow

Stay ahead, stay flexible. Proveo 8 delivers state-of-the-art solutions today and the ability to integrate new technologies tomorrow. The streamlined yet modular design of the Proveo 8 microscope offers the flexibility to integrate different imaging and documentation solutions.

  • Let IOL guidance software support your pre-operative planning and accurate IOL placement
  • Visualize subsurface ocular microstructures in anterior and posterior surgery with OCT
  • Operate "heads up" looking at a 3D monitor and benefit from enhanced workflow, comfort and teaching

Efficiency Redefined

The best workflow is the one that just flows without interruption, because the equipment is ready for the next step and reliable in every single moment of the surgery.

  • Experience efficiency by pre-programming settings according to procedure and surgery phase, then altering via footswitch – without interrupting the workflow
  • Work with confidence by confirming your settings at one glance to the surgeon information panel
  • Save precious time between surgeries thanks to intuitive controls and automatic reset when the swing arm is moved up

Adaptable to your needs

Comfort during surgery can influence your concentration and efficiency. The Proveo 8 has been designed to adapt to your individual physical requirements as well as responding to the space restrictions of your OR.

  • Choose from a large selection of binoculars and objective lenses to suit the needs of you and your assistant
  • Easily achieve an unrestricted, natural working position due to a very long reach of up to 1086 mm
  • Crowded or small OR? No problem, the floor stand has a small footprint of only 680 mm x 680 mm and is easily repositioned as needed, while the ceiling mount frees up floor space, and the ceiling telescope mount offers the most compact option