Cross Sectioning of Rubber (Tire)

Application Note for Leica EM TIC 3X - Industrial Manufacturing

June 14, 2016

Ion beam slope cutting is a method that can achieve cross sections of soft materials or material combinations consisting of hard and soft components.

Preparation of a flat cross section for SEM and AFM.

Process Description
(benchmark values for this particular sample)Mechanical pre-preparation: The soft sample was cut with razor blade.

Acceleration voltage8 kV
Gun current3 mA
Milling time3 h


  • The cross section is flat and clean.
  • The components of rubber-like carbon and SiO2 are visible.
  • The rubber shows disruptions. EM TIC 3X preparation revealed disrubtions of the rubber sample.

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Fig.1 Cross Sectioning of Rubber
Fig.2: Cross Sectioning of Rubber