Forensic Investigations Made Easy and Fast with Digital Microscopy

Part 1: ballistics, tool marks, questioned documents, counterfeiting, forgery

February 18, 2016

The examples reported here demonstrate how the Leica DVM6 digital microscope enables forensic scientists to gather and compare evidence from ballistics and tool marks or counterfeited money, credit cards, and documents, more efficiently. Images and videos clearly show how to use the digital microscope to perform forensics investigations and how you speed up your workflow with the help of practical features, such as a convenient way to change magnification rapidly over the full range, tilting, sample rotation, and versatile illumination. Faster workflow efficiency leads to fast data acquisition and analysis.

The Leica DVM6 enables workflow to be more efficient due to specific features:

  • Simple, rapid way to change magnification with the 16:1 zoom optics and fast one-handed objective swap
  • Intuitive software for microscope operation and analysis
  • Automated tracking and storing of important parameters due to full encoding of the microscope
  • Fast microscope head tilting and sample rotation
  • Fully Integrated ring light, plus coaxial and other illuminations

Multi-focus images of a brass cartridge case showing the firing pin mark on the primer

2D Multi-focus image
3D Multi-focus image

Images of a security hologram on a Swiss Identification card recorded with different tilt of the Leica DVM6 microscope head

Tilting 23°
Tilting 15°
Tilting 9°
Tilting 0°

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