Image Gallery: Digital Microscopy Used in Microelectronics and Electronics Quality Control

May 19, 2016

Quality Control in the electronics and microelectronics industry is confronted with many challenges: A variety of different materials in a sample, some of them metallic and reflective, some matt; a variety of material layers and heights, most often very intricate and hard to discern. Users in microelectronics quality control seek to identify deviations from the standard and improve the production processes so that defects are minimized or even eliminated.

This affects production directly: Samples that exceed tolerances either need to be reworked, or are scrapped directly. The ultimate goal is the continuous improvement of reliability, performance, and efficiency of the device Digital microscopes play an important role in inspection and quality control workflows. This image gallery shows typical (micro)electronic samples imaged with the Leica DVM6 digital microscope using different functions like zooming, tilting, tiling, multifocus imaging, different illuminations and contrasting methods, and 3D measurement.

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