Cataract and Glaucoma Surgery with the Proveo 8 Ophthalmic Microscope

June 08, 2016

In refractive surgery, a consistent red reflex throughout the entire procedure is key. Dr. Ike Ahmed, Assistant Professor and Director of the Glaucoma and Advanced Anterior Segment Surgery fellowship at the University of Toronto, Canada, has tested the new Proveo 8 ophthalmic microscope from Leica Microsystems.

These videos recorded during cataract and glaucoma surgery using Proveo 8 demonstrate how he benefits from continuous red reflex even during phaco, due to exclusive CoAx 4 coaxial illumination, and high resolution combined with depth of focus for a texture-rich view due to FusionOptics technology.

“One of the benefits with Proveo 8 is the way the illumination is achieved by four coaxial LED lights. The optics of the microscope and the innovative additional depth of focus allow us to enhance the ability to visualize the procedure throughout the entire case,” comments Dr. Ahmed

Cataract Surgery with the Proveo 8 Ophthalmic Microscope:

Glaucoma Surgery with the Proveo 8 Ophthalmic Microscope:


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