Webinar: Easy Use of Digital Microscopy for Materials Science

September 25, 2012

Digital image capture following image analysis and measurement is the standard in materials labs today. However, achieving a high-quality digital image starts by optimizing the microscope's optical system, including its illumination.

The process of optimizing the microscope can be difficult, especially with manual microscopes, due to the flexibility and corresponding complexity of today's options. Add to all this, the sample variability that a materials lab handles, and capturing high resolution digital images can seem like an insurmountable task.

In this exciting webinar organized by GLOBALSPEC and presented by Leica Microsystems, attendees will learn how current technologies and specific equipment help generate supporting data for analysis and applications and for optimal results. They will experience how digital technology can help enhance workflow.

They will learn about the history, technology, benefits, and use of digital and optical microscopy methodologies.

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Easy Use of Digital Microscopy for Materials Science



Key take-aways

  • Learn how to choose an imaging system
  • Discover set-up tips and tricks for optimal image acquisition
  • Learn key techniques used to create great images for effective analysis
  • Understand resolution and magnification relative to digital microscopy and how to use them for desired outcomes
  • Find out how to produce valuable reports and documentation that communicate results



Bob Cowden

Imaging Specialist, Industrial Division Leica Microsystems

Bob Cowden has over 30 years of experience in digital imaging and analysis. He is currently with the Industrial Division of Leica Microsystems Inc. Bob practiced Nuclear Medicine while in the US Navy, received his BS in Nuclear Medicine from George Washington University and his MS in Health Services from California State University.