Webinar: Leveraging Digital Microscopy to Increase Overall Throughput and Efficiency

September 28, 2015

The Digital Microscope has rapidly evolved from an emerging technology to the industry standard for quality-control, failure analysis and R&D inspection / measurement in various disciplines, such as Medical Devices, Plastics, Automotive, Aerospace, and Electronics manufacturing. As more companies in these markets demand increased product quality and faster time-to-result, while investing less time and money in advanced microscopy training, the Digital Microscope helps achieve these goals. With such a wide variety of Digital Microscope options to choose from, this webinar will help you make the correct decision for your specific digital micro-imaging needs.

In this webinar, Leica Microsystems will cover:

  • Why a digital microscope is easier to use than a conventional optical microscope
  • How choosing the correct illumination technique can highlight mission-critical defects which may otherwise go undetected
  • Why the optical characteristics of a digital microscope are more important than the digital components, and how to choose correctly
  • How the benefits of "encoded" (providing constant feedback to the software) microscope components can help increase measurement accuracy, repeatability and simplify the imaging process

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Leveraging Digital Microscopy to Increase Overall Throughput and Efficiency


Mario J. Gislao

Digital Imaging Manager
Leica Microsystems, Inc.