Webinar: Practical Use of Image Analysis in the Materials Sciences

September 13, 2011

Structural analysis and measurements using optical microscopy image analysis for materials science using ISO 16232 standards has become increasingly critical across the materials sciences. In this webinar, you will learn:

  • Optimal microscope setup
  • Proper sample preparation
  • Particle counting and particle size distribution
  • Precise void and fracture analysis
  • Meeting the ISO 16232 requirement
  • Repeatable analysis and consistent results
  • Reporting and documentation

Learn how current technologies, international standards, and specific equipment help generate supporting data for analysis and applications for optimal results. Pursue the highest quality end result.

View the WebEx webinar on demand:

Practical Use of Image Analysis in the Materials Sciences



Alan L. Paris

Director of Industrial Microscopy
Leica Microsystems

Alan is a 31-year veteran in microscopy and a member of the New York Microscopical Society.


Bob Cowden

Imaging Specialist
Leica Microsystems, Industry Division

Bob  has over 30 years experience in digital imaging and analysis.