The New Age of Digital Microscopy

Fantastic new products offering another approach to microscopy - without the need of eyepieces. Simply fast, high definition digital microscope inspection, observation and documentation - without a computer!

Leica DMS300 Product Video

Get an overview of the many features of the Leica DMS300. A microscope and advanced digital camera in one unit. Find out if the Leica DMS300 can be your ideal tool for inspection, observation and documentation requirements.

Leica DMS1000/Leica DMS1000 B Product Video

Learn more about advanced features such as a coded zoom, FlexAperture Technology, and Telecentric optics. The Leica DMS1000/Leica DMS1000 B is a digital microscope, with HDMI output, that can function as a stand-alone unit or work perfectly with the Leica Application Suite modular software. Ideal for digital inspection or work in laminar flow cabinets such as IVF.

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